Why L.L.Bean? 10 Reasons Why I Only Shop at L.L.Bean

As a normal guy, I do not enjoy shopping for clothing. So many brands, so many styles, inconsistent sizes, varying quality, driving around the city and walking in the maze of shopping malls… all drive me crazy.

Till I found L.L.Bean.

Now I almost shop at L.L.Bean exclusively, except for socks or underwear that I quickly grab at Target or Amazon. Here I would like to share the benefits of shopping ONLY at L.L.Bean:

10. New England Heritage

L.L.Bean is very proud of its New England Maine root. Such as its symbolic Bean boot, L.L.Bean has inherited New England heritage and made itself part of it. It is an organic part of American culture and history.

Inspired by the enduring spirit of New England, we draw from our heritage to create authentic classics with timeless detail, reinvented in a more modern fit.

9. Classic Style: Formal, Casual, and Active

This is not for everyone. L.L.Bean style is usually considered preppy and classic. Its new L.L.Bean signature line is more modern and fashionable, but still in the classic and preppy realm. It may appear too formal to some guys or too boring to some gals.

The good thing about classic styling is they are versatile and timeless.

Furthermore, L.L.Bean provides formal casual and active clothing in one stop. Unlike other retailers that usually only have one or two categories, L.L.Bean’s quality and reputation is excellent across all three categories.

8. 100% Guarantee.

L.L.Bean’s custom service and satisfaction is truly exceptional. It is manifested in its “100% Guarantee”. It is proven in decades of top ranking in custom service awards. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return or exchange, even if you opened the product, even if you have used/worn the product, even if you have worn the product for years.

As long as you want to (or dare to in the case of used products) return or exchange, L.L.Bean will honor without any questioning, except for asking for the reason so they can improve their products or service.

But be aware. Don’t abuse it. This is not just an ethical warning. You cannot abuse L.L.Bean. If you return too often, such as to get a free pair of new shoes every year, L.L.Bean may declare they are not able to serve you and will cease to do business with you.

7. Stella Service: Moment of Truth

100% Guarantee is already something truly exceptional, yet L.L.Bean knows such promise is still passive, never good enough. They truly understand what is real customer satisfaction. They go extra mile and proactively seek for the “moment of truth”. Here is a few stories told by L.L.Bean customers who turned loyal after the moment of truth.

6. Hassle-Free Return

For other retailers, returning a merchandise often means lots of hassle. Call customer service; request RMA; packing and shipping cost; restocking fee; wait for exchange item to ship out after return item received by the seller.

For L.L.Bean? They don’t have any of the above. There is a form and shipping label inside your package. If you want to return, just fill out the form, select the option for exchange or refund, pack your item ( you can reuse the shipping bag for return shipping, if you didn’t destroy it when you open it), stick the return shipping label on the bag, and give the bag to the carrier (usually UPS).

Voila! You are done! You can also do the form online.

To get your exchange item sooner, you can call customer service, they will ship the exchange item right away.

5. Daily Sales

This is very unique to L.L.Bean. Normally, you would only find daily deals for those deal site, such as Woot. But L.L.Bean, as a brand retailer, also provides such deep saving daily deals.

For Clothing and Home Goods, the markdown sales are offered twice a day; and have lasted a long time (as long as I knew this brand since 2010). Recently, L.L.Bean introduced new once-a-day Travel and Gear sale.

4. Free Monogramming

Monogramming is a great way to personalize and keep things organized. If you sign up L.L.Bean Visa card, you get free monogramming.

3. Free FICO Score

This is recently introduced to L.L.Bean Visa card holders for free. Your FICO score is updated about every two month. It’s great way to keep an eye on your credit score, for FREE. Commercial services usually charge you $10-20 per month or per check.

2. Free Shipping

L.L.Bean is one of the rare online retailers that offer true free shipping. No minimum purchase, all year around, all U.S., all products except for freight shipping. Even if it’s a $9 tie on sale, L.L.Bean will ship from Freeport, ME to California for free.

1. Free Return Shipping w. Card

Free shipping is impressive enough. If you sign up for L.L.Bean visa credit card, again, you also get free return shipping.

Wrong size? Or prefer a different color? No problem. Return it, for an exchange or complete refund.

Secret Bonus: LoveLoveBean App

Finally, the secret reason for I only shop at LLBean is that I can use LoveLoveBean App to send me emails of daily markdown sales right into my inbox. So I don’t have to check the webpages twice a day to find out the sales. Try the app yourself here:


Why do you love shopping at L.L.Bean? Share with us!

One thought on “Why L.L.Bean? 10 Reasons Why I Only Shop at L.L.Bean

  1. I have NEVER found more fashionable, well-fitting clothing than I have at L.L. Bean! Besides New England’s fabulous thrift shops L.L. Bean and L. L. Bean’s outlet stores are my FAVORITE places to shop! The sale’s that L.L. Bean has are enormous and my wardrobe is so full of clothes, shoes, dress boots and snow boots, belts, and their famous boat and totes that I do not have enough room in my walk in closet to hang all of it or to store it!

    Everyone always asks me where I shop and I always tell them L.L. Bean. I always try to convert my friends and anyone who inquires about what I am wearing to start shopping almost exclusively at L.L. Bean.

    Every L.L. Bean product, shoes, clothing, boats and kayaks, ANYTHING has a lifetime guarantee and if you are not satisfied for some reason with something you bought and already wore or used L.L. Bean will very kindly return with no questions asked other than why he or she did not want the product anymore so that L.L. Bean can improve whatever it is that he or she is returning.

    L.L. Bean is the epitome of New England and what New England is famous for and this is smiling, friendly, kind, compassionate, helpful, and understanding people who work at L.L. Bean and their FIRST RATE products that will stand the test of time against any other companies products.

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