10 Ways to Save Money on L.L.Bean Products

L.L.Bean products are of great value and quality for the price. No questions. Although L.L.Bean prices are pretty competitive comparing to peer brands, is it possible to squeeze the last drop of juice out of L.L.Bean (Sorry, Mr. Bean)?

The answer is Yes. Here, I summarize all I know about how to save money on quality L.L.Bean products.

10. Shop for “Sales” and “Further Reduced”

This is obvious. l.L.Bean website always have hundreds of items on sale. It’s very easy to navigate using left sidebar filters and to sort by price or ratings. Nicely, L.L.Bean selects “Further Reduced” items with really attractive prices. The downside: these “further reduced” items often have more size options unavailable.

9. Buy Off-season

This is a money saving tip for almost anything; L.L.Bean is no exception. If you don’t mind wait for the next season, off-season sales offer really attractive prices. For example, L.L.Bean often offers sweater and coat sales in spring, summer sales in the fall, bike and kayak sales in the fall, etc.

8. Cashback

I borrowed this one from The Krazy Coupon Lady. Many internet cash back sites offer cash back for L.L.Bean. For example, Fatwallet offers 2% cashback.

Typically, L.L. Bean purchases earn 2% back through eBates, 3% through Mr.Rebates, 2% through Upromise, and 2 points per dollar through MyPoints. — The Krazy Coupon Lady

7. Wait for Holiday Sales 10-15% Off

Regularly, around U.S. holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Bay, Thanksgiving etc.. L.L.Bean usually offers 10% (non Visa cardmember) or 15% (Visa cardmember) off your entire order.

6. Special Categories for Christmas

Like many other retailers, L.L.Bean celebrates Thanksgiving to Christmas shopping seasons with well prepared sales events. Usually, they put one category on sale every day. And lots of gift or holiday related products.

5. Free return shipping with L.L.Bean Visa Card

L.L.Bean has offered free U.S. shipping long before other retailers do. It requires no minimum purchase and is offered all year around. This is pretty unique already.

Taking their goodness even further, L.L.Bean offers its Visa card members with free return shipping. That’s not only $8-20 saved per return; but it also gives me worry-free mind when I try some product I never bought before or when I am not sure about the size.

Remember to be considerate. Do not abuse 🙂 Abuse won’t work anyway.

4. Go to L.L.Bean Outlets

If you are one of the lucky ones who live close to a L.L.Bean outlet, stop-by once in a while. I am sure you will find something at a surprising price.

3. $10 Gift card for $50+ purchases. Buy in $50~60 lot.

Quite often (more often than #7 10-15% off), L.L.Bean offers $10 gift card when you buy more than $50. So if you arrange your purchase into lots of $50-60, you are basically getting another ~15-20% off.

Yet, pay a little attention to the fine terms. Usually you can only get one $10 gift card per day. These $10 gift cards usually expire sooner (2-3 months) than Visa card $10 coupons (1 year).

Warning, short expiration of these gift cards may make you spend more than you really need, in order to “use” these gift cards. This is an old sales trick. Be aware.

2. Use Your L.L.Bean Visa Card

If you are a regular L.L.Bean customer, its VISA credit card is a must have. You get 3% off (accumulate as $10 coupon) for money spent at L.L.Bean. You get free FICO score (updated every two months). In holiday sales, Visa card holders get 15% off while non-holders only get 10% (#7). Not to mention you get free return shipping and free monogramming (save $8 per line). All these perks come with zero annual fee.

Warning: for you credit card addicts, make sure you pay your card in full amount on time, not just the minimum.

1. Sign up at LoveLoveBean.com

No need to explain this one 🙂 Sign up now.

L.L.Bean daily sales, Tailored to you, Delivered with love.

Warning: With all these money saving tips, you may end up buying more than you NEED! Make sure you make responsible buying decisions, not only for your own financial interest, but also for the environment.

Do you have some saving tips? Leave a comment to share with fellow L.L.Bean lovers!